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The No. 1 Question Everyone Working in Roasted Soy Beans Should Know How to Answer

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‘Properly roasted soybeans can be used in growing-finishing swine diets. To efficiently use roasted soybeans as a replacement for soybean meal, it is essential to exercise rigid control over the heating and the diet formulation. The temperature of the roasted beans should be within 220 to 245 degrees F at the discharge point. When cooked, full-fat soybeans serve as a complete replacement for soybean meal as a source of supplemental amino acids, the dietary protein level should be increased 1 to 1\/2% to maintain the same dietary calorie: amino acid ratio. The key is the capacity of the roaster to accomplish the temperature and the period the bean travel through the roaster.


Studies have assessed roasted soybean’s value. Soybeans which are roasted, that’s processed with heat to inactivate factors, but not destroy the protein, create a good source of protein for swine. Soybeans versus Soybean Meal’s usage is an economic choice as a choice that is the nutrient. Research studies comparing soybeans have signaled that soybeans are superior to soybean meal for swine or equal. The key, apparently, is soybeans. They must be roasted in the temperature and the length of roasting time when soybeans are instead of extruded. Adequately cooked soybeans shouldn’t have enough trypsin to result in protein use. Soybeans will increase the amount of fat coming from the soybeans. This will enhance feed efficiency and energy density of their diet.

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